Well its been a day. An enormous decision sits on my shoulders, I know I should try to unwind, but my thoughts constantly wander back to this potentially life changing decision.

Last week I took a leap, and expressed my interest in a new position at work. It’s a sales position, and I would earn commission on top of the salary I’m currently living on. The possibilities are endless, the workload, and drive required are immense. In a year, I could earn enough commission to buy a house. But the stakes are high as well.

If I don’t meet my quota, I’ve got a good chance of losing my place within the company. Is the risk worth the reward? Or do I continue to work under an old classmate, who runs hot and cold without warning? I’ve got support from my current colleagues, and a recommendation from all of my colleagues who currently sit on the sales team. It seems like a fabulous opportunity and it is. But soon the moment will arrive where I’m asked yes or no, do you want to take the leap? How excruciating it is to be certain about anything.

For example, a couple that AJ went to school with recently confessed that things just weren’t working out. We attended their wedding less than a year and a half ago… I’m sure on their wedding day they were certain that they were making the right decision, promising to be there in sickness and in health… And until things got too tough, apparently.

Not that I should compare my career to a marriage, but each of us only gets a short time on this earth, and as a result there’s an intense pressure to make all the right choices. How dreadful, and what an absolute waste of time to choose poorly. But to choose to play it safe could be the ultimate failure, and result in forgoing the greatest successes.

For tonight at least, I’m going to try to enjoy the chili I’ve had bubbling on the stove, and indulge in one more glass of wine.

Until Later,

Jessa Jay

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